Seaward Apollo+ PAT Testers – What’s new? Post by Richard Slade

Seaward Apollo+ PAT Testers – What’s new?

Blog post by Richard Slade (Seaward UK Field Sales Manager)

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It’s been a very busy time for us at Seaward with the launch of the new Apollo+ range of PAT Testers.

The response to the original Apollo series has been fantastic and taking all of our customer feedback we have raised the bar yet again with some exciting new features. There’s also great news for all existing Seaward Apollo users, the firmware upgrade can be carried out for free!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s new.

1 New & improved rugged test leads

All Seaward Apollo+ testers now come with more durable and hard-wearing test leads. They also have a standard 4mm connection allowing fast and easy connection of the test probe or crocodile clip.

2 External battery charge

The Seaward Apollo+ series now comes with the option to externally charge the battery. This is great news for the large volume users offering extended operating time and the ability to change the battery whilst out in the field, minimising the risk of any downtime. Any existing Apollo user can send their unit to PATSDirect for an upgrade.

3 Viewing your test data

Improvements have been made to the way data can be viewed and filtered in the memory. You can now sort in ascending and descending order by column, page up and page down in one key press, and also filter down by a number of different search criteria, including failed items.

4 Logging all assets including your PPM & PPE

User customisable test sequences can be setup in the Apollo 500+ and Apollo 600+ by simply creating your own custom inspection forms and custom user tests. This is extremely useful if you are carrying inspections of equipment such as ladders, vehicles, fire extinguishers and recording of test measurements such as current load, noise levels, etc. to name but a few, are all possible!

5 Predictive text menus

All Apollo testers have the predictive text functionality. This enables the Apollo to remember any data you have previously inputted in fields such as asset description, site and location, therefore speeding up your data capture process. In the past, you may have been frustrated at not being able to delete any errors out of these lists individually, well now you can with the new Apollo+ firmware!

6 Downloading data from out in the field

The Apollo+ series enables engineers out in the field to send data back to the office via a smart device. This will speed up reporting, invoicing and is great for security and backup of your data. To help you keep a better track of your remote download files we have introduced the unique file name feature.

7 New socket outlet test

Due to customer demand we have now added the new socket outlet test. This new test is available in both auto and manual mode, simply plug your Apollo+ into the mains and it will carry out a voltage and polarity test at that socket. After all, your appliances are only as safe as the supply they are plugged into!

Seaward Apollo Plus New Socket Outlet Test

8 New QR barcoding facility complete with new App

Do you want to speed up retesting? Do you have multiple engineers going to the same job? An excellent new addition to the Apollo 500+ and 600+ is QR barcoding. Using the new 2D scanner and Test N Tag Elite 2 printer the QR barcoding facility allows you to store data optically in the QR code and can be recalled at the time of re-test. We have also produced the new Seaward QR Data Viewer app for Android & iOS which has the ability to scan the data contained within the QR code itself. This information can then be scanned by or sent to 3rd parties such as Health & Safety Managers and Duty Holders, enabling them to quickly view and share appliance data and keep better track of faulty items.

9 Never forget which asset you’re testing

It’s common for busy PAT Testers to lose track of which item they are testing, especially if they are disrupted during the test. We have now added the asset ID to each test page as a reminder of exactly which asset you are testing throughout the whole test sequence.

Seaward Apollo Plus Never Forget Which Asset You're Testing

Seaward Apollo Plus Never Forget Which Asset You're Testing

Seaward Apollo Plus Never Forget Which Asset You're Testing

10 New Test Details Screen

By adding the test details button on the comments screen, you can now check all your test details or test results before logging any comments at the end of the test.

11 New & improved user permissions

Do you have particular sites that could be sensitive to Bluetooth technology? Do you have engineers out in the field that need to clear the memory in their tester? Individual user permissions have now been added for both Bluetooth and the ability to delete test results.

Seaward is celebrating over 35 years of keeping people safe, supplying market-leading electrical safety test equipment and services across the world, through a trusted distribution network.

Check out our new Apollo+ video to see some of the above features in more detail or go to PATSDirect

If you require PAT Training or a PAT Tester Product Awareness Course contact the friendly team at PATSDirect!